The release contains these three new features:

Archive Vehicle (SaaS customers only)

The Archive Vehicle option gives our SaaS customers the ability to move a vehicle to an “Archive Facility”.  Once moved the vehicle is no longer counted against the current active vehicles.  SaaS customers will have an Unlimited Archived vehicles license and the licenses for the archived vehicles are tracked separately from the active vehicles.  SaaS customers whose fees are based on the number of vehicles will benefit from this option.

For more information go to the page Vehicle Archive

Additional Export/Import Utilities

This utility, first introduced in 7.2.4, now increases what areas you can import data into RTA.  These now include Customers, Departments, Employee, Equipment, Part, Part Kit, Part Kit Component, Part Vendor, PO/Vendor GDF, Purchase Order, Purchase Order Lines, Purchase Order Notes, Purchase Order Transactions, Vehicle, Vehicle Class Code, Vehicle GDF, Vehicle PM, Vendor, VMRS Part, Work Order, Work Order Lines, Work Order Line Mechanic, Work Order Transactions and Work Order Notes. 

For more information go to the page Export and Import Utilities

Spell Check

A Notes Editor has been added to the Notes fields in RTA. This Notes editor has a Spell Check option.  Once text is added to a note field, a Spell Check button that is at the top of the Note Editor screen can be clicked.  The Spell Checker is then launched.  From there you will be able to change misspelled words, choose from a suggested list or ignore the suggestions and proceed to the next word.

In this release, the Spell Checker will only be enabled in the Master Records notes.  The Spell Checker for Purchase Order and Work Order notes will follow soon.

For more information go to the page Spell Check