NET F1 Lookup (SQL Only)

This new F1 lookup feature, for SQL systems only, has many added benefits over the regular F1 lookup.  Some of these benefits are: faster record load times, add, delete and re-order columns, sorting on multiple columns at one time, filtering data and printing and new export options.  These F1 queries can be saved as individual presets.

To use this feature, the SetupNetControls application needs to run on each workstation that will be using this feature.  This is found in the Client sub folder located within the Fleet folder on your server.  In addition, Main System Parameter switch #47 must be set to On.  Go to System > Setup System Switches > Main System Parameters (SSM), Switch #47.

  • Sort a single column by a single click. Sort multiple columns after sorting your primary column by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on another header column.
  • Reorder columns by a simple drag and drop. Remove unwanted columns by dragging the column off the screen.
  • Add a custom column by right clicking the header and selecting Add Custom Column. After adding column, you can right click the column to give you the option of Expression Editor where you can do manipulation.
  • Filter the column by clicking on the filter icon, on the column header. A small window will open which allows the user to select filtering options.
  • You can perform a Search by right clicking on the column header and clicking Show Find Panel. The shortcut is CTRL +F.
  • Your F1 queries can be saved as Presets. You can set a Preset as your default F1 lookup as well as change lookup presets by simply using the Preset pull down button.
  • The lookup data can be exported into 5 formats: Text (tab delimited), CSV (comma delimited), MS Excel, MS Word and PDF.
  • When Printing, you can now preview with several options for formatting, such as changing the print margins, changing the orientation and customizing the header/footer.

For more information go to the page NET F1 Lookup