Additional Export and Import Utilities

This utility, first introduced in 7.2.4, now increases what areas you can import data into RTA. Beginning with, these now include Departments, Customers, Equipment, Vehicles, Vendors, Parts, Employee, Vehicle Class Codes, Part Kit, Part Kit Component, Part VMRS, VMRS Work Order, Vehicle GDF, Part Vendor, GDF Master, PO/Vendor GDF. The Export and Import functions are now separated into two sub-menus.  This utility prompts for system password level 3.

How to Create a Column Template (Column Headers Only)

  1. Export out all the available header names by going to System > Utilities > Import/Export > Import (STII)
  2. Select file or files you want to create a template and click on the Template button in the tool bar.
  3. File will automatically be saved to C:\Fleet and you can open that file with a spreadsheet
  4. Compile your master record data in a spreadsheet and copy over the appropriate data you wish to import and save as a text file
  5. Then go to System > Utilities > Import/Export > Import (STII)
  6. Check the box of the file you wish to import and choose the file path where the file you wish to import was saved.
  7. Double Click the options window for selected file and select Add Non-file and/or Update Existing boxes
  8. Choose whether you wish to Preview, Test or Run the import. Then click Import

For more information go to the page Import and Export Utilities