Export and Import Utilities

This utility adds several new export and import utilities for several areas in RTA that were not previously exportable, and expands the capabilities for areas that were. These include Vehicles, Vendors, Departments, Parts, Equipment, and Customers. The new processes allow you to customize the import layouts, preview your import layouts, and test your imports before making updates to live data.  

By selecting an item and clicking “Export” a blank template will be created that will be able to be filled in. Once the information has been entered you can import that information into RTA to easily bring in data from external sources. There are also “Preview” and “Test” import buttons so you can make sure your fields are lined up and if it will have any errors. This will make it much easier to be aware of what is being entered and fix any mistakes you catch before your data is updated.  

The “Run” import button will run the utility and update the fields with what you had specified to enter. The manual will be updated with the data layouts for each import, showing each field and if it is required or not.  

Setting up the Export/Import Utilities 

  • Select System > Utilities > Import/Export 
  • Choose your delimiter. Press F1 for tab delimited or enter a comma for comma separated value 
  • Choose whether to Preview, Run, or Test the imports 
  • Select whether you want to add “non-file” information or “update existing” information 
  • Choose the path that you would like the export/import to be pulled from. (This will create the export in the file path location, or import from that location) 
  • Choose the default date and time format for your import 
  • For each import, name the file that will be generated by entering the name in the “Import File Name” field. 

Running the Export/Import Utilities 

  • Select System > Utilities > Import/Export 
  • Select the Import Type from the list 
  • Click Import 
  • Check the data to make sure the information was updated correctly.