Added Vehicle Status to Other Locations

The Vehicle Status Project's last phase is now complete. the option to add/edit/view the vehicle status in the areas that auto create a Wo lin has been added to the RTA Software.

The locations that will be the most visible are the WO Template and the WO Estimates. The status has also been added to the Quick WO in paperless, paperless mechanic screen Add Line, paperless Mechanic & Driver Inspections, Driver Reports. All of the PM reports and lists that use the WO Template will use the status assigned to the Template. Prior inspections, templates, and estimates will not have a status assigned and will need to be reviewed and the proper status to the job lines saved.

NOTE: Existing WO templates, open WO estimates, Inspection templates will need to be reviewed and the proper vehicle status saved on the respective lines.

Images of the new fields:

WO Template

Estimate WO's

Paperless Quick WO

Paperless Mechanic Screen, Add Line

Drivers Reports, Edit Defect

Paperless Inspections Add/Edit Defects

Paperless Mechanic Inspection, Edit Failed Item

Paperless Driver Inspection, Review Inspection