New Dashboard Widgets

In 7.2.2 we added some widgets to our dashboard feature. We also added a paid enhancement to alert you and send you an email. In this document though, we will show you the new widgets that we have added.

Aged Driver Inspection Defects

Gives you a list of all Drivers Inspections that are open for longer than the specified time.

Employee Certificates Due Soon

Shows all Employee certificates due within 30 days.

Employees Certificates Past Due

Shows the count of all employee certificates that has an expiration date older than today's date.

Scheduled Reminder

A reminder that shows a custom message based on a schedule (can be repeating or single use). By selecting OK to the message, the reminder will be hidden and wait for the next scheduled activation. You can even remind yourself to buy your wife some flowers every Tuesday if you wanted to!

Tires w/low Tread Depth (32nds)

Gives you a list of all tires that the tread depth is less that the specified amount.

Vehicles w/low MPG (PTD)

Shows all vehicles that are getting low miles per gallon for the period to date.

Vehicles w/high Repair Costs (PTD)

Lists all vehicles whose repair costs exceeds the amount/parameters you set.