User Notifications (RTA SaaS)

Users now have the ability to “subscribe” to certain events that happen inside of RTA. Currently, the events offered are as follows:

  • Driver Report Submitted(Includes any that are ingested through an integration, such as RTA Inspect Inspections)

  • Driver Report Defect Closed

How do I receive Notifications?

The default for receiving notifications is OFF. In order to start receiving notifications, simply login to the mobile app, and then go to “Settings → Notification Settings”. You will see the following screen

From here, you can make any changes as necessary (add more emails, change the phone number, or change digest frequency). The two options at the bottom allow the user to “filter” what they receive notifications for. If you only want to receive emails and/or texts about driver reports being submitted, only check that action in the actions dropdown. If you only want to receive notifications for Facility 1, only check that facility in the facilities dropdown!

Currently, defects being closed will only be listed in the digest email, and not as an immediate text or digest text. We don’t want to clutter you with lots of texts and emails, and because there can be a great number of defects being closed out in a short time, we thought it best to only include them in the digest!

What is a “Digest”?

A digest is simply a notification that groups notifications together. So, for example, if 5 driver reports were submitted, rather than getting an SMS or an email for each individual report, you would get one email, or one text, that details what has happened since the last digest.

The time on my email isn’t in the right timezone… What do I do?

In order to make it as simple as possible for end-users, we update the timezone of the user based on where they click the “save” button from (to save them from being confused with messing with timezones). So, if for whatever reason you get emails that have a time that looks a little funky, go ahead and try to change something on the notification screen, and click save! If things still look funky, reach out to RTA Support and they can get you straightened away and fixed up!

That’s it! Go ahead and give it a try, and if there are other features you would like, go ahead and leave a note at the feedback site!