AutoIT Error


AutoIT Error launching RTA.exe  OR  RTA will not launch with no error message returned.

Cause/Explanation of Error:

  • This is caused mainly by an Anti Virus preventing RTA.exe from launching. 
  • Checking Task Manager you may see “rta_wrun32.exe” in memory but RTA will not actually start or be open.  The reason for this is that the RTA.exe “wrapper” is calling out the rta_wrun32.exe to launch RTA and the AV is viewing this as malicious behavior.
  • Sometimes the AV will delete rta_wrun32.exe.

  • Temporarily disable the AV and launch RTA.exe. It should start without any issues. 
  • Copy the wrun32.exe from the “Fleet” folder to another folder and rename it to rta_wrun32.exe and then copy it back to the Fleet folder.
  • Make sure that all RTA Windows Users have either Full NTFS Security permissions or Modify permissions with "Delete subfolders and files" permissions under "Special Permissions". 
  • If the group that the User is a part of has the proper rights then there might be an issue with the Group's propagation.

  • Try adding the specific Windows Users having the issue directly to the RTA "Fleet" folder NTFS Security permissions.
  • Make sure that the "Share" permissions match the NTFS permissions if the folder is shared.

Troubleshooting - Other Considerations

After the upgrade to 7.0, customers will need to add the following specific new 7.0 files, to their Antivirus Exclusions list. They are all in the root of the \Fleet folder.

NOTE: Some AVs will ignore any exclusions added to it until rebooting the server or PC in question.

Activity.exe                             Alfred.exe

Dashboard.exe                       DriverInsp.exe

DriverKiosk.exe                      EmailDshbrd.exe

MechInsp.exe                         MseLClick.exe

NAPAppts.exe                        PapShop.exe

Scheduler.exe                         rta.exe

Rta_wrun32.exe                     run32.exe

VehStatus.exe                        wrun32.exe


*.rta = RTA Database file

*.cob = RTA Cobol Executable

*.rpx = RTA/RPV Report temporary file

*.txt = RTA Report temporary file

*.tmp = RTA Report temporary file

Another potential registry edit that has worked for other customers is shown below:

  • Add the server registry settings to the workstation, and run the power shell commands.
  • Change ‘\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\DependOnService’ to ‘Browser MRxSmb10 NSI’


AutoIT Error when opening up your F1 lookup list. You will also notice your column isn't sorted how you would like it to be

Cause/Explanation of Error:

  • When using the advanced sorting for the F1 lookup lists, it uses a program called MselClick.exe. This uses your mouse to sort the columns. If this hasn't been added to the exclusions list of your anti virus, it will bring up this error and not sort your columns properly. Please add that file to your exclusions list and look at the other page to see other files you need to add
  • If that doesn't work, you may need to disable windows defender as well.