RTA Web - Posting a Part Kit

Part Kits allow the posting user to select one Transaction which includes multiple, pre-determined parts to be added to a work order line. Traditionally these part kits are pre-assigned to Preventive Maintenance jobs, but part kits can be created for any type of job to assist in posting the correct parts consistently.

For additional details on creating a part kit in RTA Desktop, and further information on part kits in general, please see Part Kits

At this point, as of RTA Web version 1.4.0, part kits must be created as files in RTA Desktop in order to be posted regularly through RTA Web. That being said, part kits can either be pre-assigned to PM schedule lines or they can be added as a traditional part posting from the Work Order posting screen.

Pre-Assigned Part Kits

If pre-assigned in the PM Schedule, or assigned on the Work Order before posting, a notification will show on the page

To post, click on Post Part Kit. The details of the kit will show in the Posting Box, allowing the user to select Quantity and Posting Date before clicking Post.

The full list of parts posted will now register in the Transactions box.

Part Kits on the Fly

If a part kit is previously created, but is not assigned to this vehicle’s PM Schedule or previously assigned as part of the Work Order Line, the user is able to use the Part Search to look it up, then post the kit as if it were any other traditional part.

Certain details will want to be researched ahead of time, in the case that the Kit has the same name, or a similar name to other kits like it. For example, RTA shows multiple Kits created for a PM-A job, based on the vehicle size.

PMBLD - Light Duty PM-A

PMBMD - Medium Duty PM-A

PMBHD - Heavy Duty PM-A

PMBTR - Trailer PM-A

Search the “PMB” or “KIT” if you know those details, but the user will need to select the proper kit to add to the Work Order Line.

Click the Kit you want to use, and set the quantity and posting date before selecting Post. The parts included in the kit will be posted as Transactions.