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RTA Web Parts - Information Panel

The primary information panel that is visible after selecting the part in RTA Web lists all of the primary information for the part record. This article will focus on the fields contained within the primary panel.

Once a part has been selected, the part number will be listed at the top of the screen so that the user can always verify the correct part is being reviewed and/or edited.

The primary part panel will always be visible regardless of the tab you select in the part file.

Refer to Parts File Table of Contents to access the full list of articles related to Displayed Part Data in RTA Web

as well as Adding a Part for detailed summaries of each field

(blue star) Denotes fields that are editable within RTA Web.


  • (blue star) Part Number – The number assigned to the part when added to RTA system (Up to 25 characters)

  • (blue star) Description – The part description entered when the part was added to RTA system (Up to 40 characters)

  • (blue star) Total Quantity – Total on hand in inventory

  • (blue star) Profile Picture – a picture that is associated with the part can be added by dragging and dropping a file or by clicking browse files and selecting a file from your computer

  • (blue star) VMRS and Description – VMRS code associated with the part

  • (blue star) Primary Bin – The Bin/location area for this part

  • (blue star) Part Type – The RTA System separates vehicle costs and usage into eight categories (shown below). More may be added through RTA Desktop. Refer to System Codes for instructions on adding more.

  • (blue star) Account Code – If used, this field can display the general ledger account number or other information for accounting purposes (up to 25 characters)

    • The information entered in this field can be used in Purchase Orders if the appropriate switch is set to yes in RTA Desktop

      • In RTA Desktop, click on the System pull down

      • Click on Set Up System Switches

      • Click on Main System Parameters

      • Enter Level 3 Password

      • Click on Parts Parameters Tab

      • Enter line number 34 at the bottom and press enter

        • Set this switch to AUTO to automate the process of posting parts to work orders. In order to use this feature "Prompt WO Number" should also be set to YES, but is not required (switch 32). As each PO line is received, you'll have the option to auto-post the part OR receive the part to stock

        • If you choose Auto-Post, the system automatically posts the entire quantity ordered on the PO line to the specified work order and work order line

        • Set this switch to NO to skip this prompt and always receive parts to stock

  • (blue star) Unit Price – The per unit cost for the part when purchased from the vendor

  • (blue star) Markup – Displays the percentage markup generated for the part when applied to a work order

  • (blue star) Sell Price – Displays the total sell price for the part which would include the markup percentage if one is entered

    • If no mark up is entered, the sell price should be checked

  • Chargeable Options Displayed

    • (blue star) Parts - if selected, items will be noted and charged to work orders to which they are applied

    • (blue star) Shop Supply - if selected, this part is something either

      • not chargeable because its cost either cannot be associated with one specific job (ie. safety goggles) or

      • its cost is so diminutive individually, that it is too difficult to associate with one specific job (ie. solder, bolts, etc.

  • Options Displayed

    • (blue star) Stocked - if selected, RTA creates requisitions for stocked parts when the inventory level falls below the reorder point set in the Inventory tab

    • (blue star) Consignment – if selected, this part is flagged as a consignment part and the option exists of including or excluding their values from part inventory lists