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RTA Web - Renumber Part

Renumbering a part is sometimes necessary when manufacturers change a part number or when vendors change to a new distributor. When a part is renumbered, existing requisitions and history records are updated to reflect the new part number. If you end up reusing the old part number for a different part, you may want to delete the transaction history for the original part beforehand so it's not mistaken as history for the new part.

The copy function will copy over just the main master information for the part found in the main part record screen:

Main Part Record Screen


  1. Click Manage Part from the Part File Primary Info Panel

  2. Click Renumber

  3. Change the part number in the “Renumber To” field

    1. If the Vendor Part Number also needs to be renumbered to match the entry, check the box to do so

  4. Click Save at the bottom of the side panel