Report Viewer

When you run an Advanced Report or Express Report, the output is shown in a paged, interactive format called the Report Viewer. The viewer shows you the report populated by all of its data. You can page through the data and search for specific items. You can also make some additional adjustments to the report, such as styling cells or changing column sorts.


The interactive Report Viewer

To run a report in the Report Viewer:

  • If you are in the Report Designer, click Run Report.

    Tip: The Run Report button also saves the report.

  • If you are in the folder tree, click the Run screen.run_report.png icon, or click the Menu screen.report_tree_menu.png icon and select RunReportSmall.png Run Report.

The Report Viewer opens in a new tab, indicated by the viewer TabInteractiveSelected.png icon. This tab represents an instance of the report output as you have just run it. If you go back and edit the report, you need to run it again to see the changes. This will open another viewer tab, and you can go back and close the old one.

Page through the report by using the navigation icons PageHome.png PageUp.png PageDown.png PageEnd.png. Search through the report output by typing into the Find field.

If you want to save the output, you can export from the Report Viewer to a PDF, RTF, CSV, or Excel file.

AlertToolbarMedium.png Truncated results displayed

This icon and message indicates that the report has only returned a partial data set. There are fewer detail rows than the full set, and aggregate formulas and visualizations apply only to the data that was returned to the report.

To get more data, click the icon and select either:

  • Generate +number to get the next number of data rows and add them to the existing report.
  • Generate All to get the full data set.