Report Wizard

The New Report Wizard opens at the start of each new Express Report or Advanced Report. The wizard lets you add and configure data, and lets you quickly set a layout for your report before you dive into the full designer.


The Express Report Wizard Layout page

What are Express Reports?

This report type is made entirely using the Report Wizard. If you do not need the additional capabilities of the advanced Report Designer, Express Reports are an easy way to design tabular reports. To open an Express Report in the Advanced Designer, you need to convert it to an Advanced Report.

Using the Report Wizard

The Report Wizard has several pages, which you should progress through from left to right. The following articles detail how to use each page in the wizard.

Name  Catagories  Sorts  Filters  Layout  Options

Tip: Only Express Reports have an Options page. The Layout page differs slightly for each report type. The Name and Categories pages are mandatory. If a page is not available, your administrator may have disabled it.