RTA User Licensing

With our Hosted Subscriptions, you can either go with unlimited vehicle or unlimited users. For those who have unlimited vehicles and need to track their users and available licenses, we have a new way to track that. This is done through the admin website at http://app.rtafleet.com. After you sign in, you will want to hit the button for admin. Once you do, you will see the page below. You can see we added a link for "Licensing."

If you click on the link for "Licensing," it will open up and show you the status of your current licenses. It displays how many users you have used and how many you have available. If will also show you vehicle licenses and how many slots you have used.


Users have to have a user license assigned to them or they will not be able to log in to RTA. You can do this by going into the users option and editing the user. Once you apply a license, it will change the numbers shown on this page. If you have questions on your licensing, please contact RTA.

User License Types

RTA’s different user licenses give users different access to your data and determine which roles and permissions are available to the user. The licenses apply to the entire RTA platform, including web, mobile and desktop applications.

To view a list of the active user licenses in your subscription, log on to app.ratfleet.com com and click Admin | General | Licensing.

Here’s the summary of RTA user license types:

Full User

Full access to RTA across web, mobile, and desktop.

Technician User

Access to all features in the paperless shop module only.

Driver User

Access to the Driver Report module only.