Geotab Telematics Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Geotab devices with RTA Fleet Management Software

Odometer readings automatically sync every day into RTA from your Geotab devices. The odometer updates are used to accurately update vehicle records and ensure preventative maintenance operations are done in a timely manner.


This document contains all the essential information needed to successfully, deploy, access and the RTA Fleet Management Software integration with Geotab. It is designed to step you through each of the three major workflows, including how to get help.

  • Planning and Preparation

  • Setup and Deployment

  • Troubleshooting and Support

Solution Overview

The Geotab integration is designed primarily to import accurate and timely odometer information into RTA Fleet Management Software. This integration offers the following capabilities:

  • Import primary meter

  • Import alternate meter

  • Automated scheduled import (daily, hourly, etc.) depending on customer requirements.

Getting Started: Planning and Preparation

Before you begin there are a few assumptions and requirements to meet.

Assumption and Constraints

To be successful with the RTA-Geotab integration, you must first have an active Geotab account and your RTA subscription or support agreement must be active.

Requirements and Prerequisites

The Geotab telematics integration works in RTA SaaS/Hosted and in on-premises installations of RTA with version 7.2.7 and higher. On-premises customers must also purchase the following to use the integration:

  • Generic EFI module

  • EFI autoloader

Geotab Requirements

In order to set up the integration, you must provide RTA with the following information:

  • Service Account Username (see below)

  • Service Account Password

  • Database name

Implementation: Setup and Deployment

Setup the Geotab Service Account

Follow the steps below to set up the new service account.

  1. Log in to MyGeotab and navigate to (1) Administration > (2) Users, and click the (3) Add button.

  2. On the New User page, complete the following:

    1. User (Email) — use the following convention to enter the new user email:

    2. Password — create a strong password and share it with RTA’s support team by calling 1 (800) 279-0549.

    3. Force password change on next login —  toggle to No.

    4. Security clearance — select View Only.

    5. Data access — select Everything.

    6. Click Save.

Configure the RTA Integration

To configure the RTA Integration with GeoTab, contact RTA Support by emailing or calling 1 (800) 279-0549. You will need to give RTA the password you created and the GeoTab Database Name. The RTA Support representative will assist you with proper install, configuring, and automating the import of the Geotab data. On-premises customers may be given new files to install in your RTA Fleet installation directory as part of the setup process.

For an overview on how to integrate DVIR’s with RTA, take a look at Geotab DVIR Integration .

Getting Help: Troubleshooting and Support

As with all areas of RTA, if you have issues with the integration or receive error messages indicating failure, please contact RTA Support by emailing or calling 1 (800) 279-0549.


Looking for more Geotab integration features? Submit your feedback in the RTA Feedback Forum.