Processing a Work Order

Many fleets allow mechanics to write and schedule all their own work. With Paperless Shop, mechanics can access the Work Order module in RTA by selecting the Process a Work Order option from the Mechanic Accountability Menu. The Select a Work Order window will be displayed:
At this point, the mechanic can create work orders, view existing work orders, add jobs, assign jobs, and post transactions—basically, any option that is normally available in the Work Order module is available here. If system security is in use (SSI, Miscellaneous I tab, line 9) and has been set up to prohibit certain functions, these functions will also be prohibited through Paperless Shop. When Paperless Shop is set up to automatically call up only the Login program (WPL), security is based on the user named SYSTEM (SUA). Refer to the "Repair Orders" section in the RTA User's Manual for specific instructions on using the Work Order module; refer to the "Setup" section for more information about the System Security feature.


The time spent in this option is not accounted for because it is neither a direct or indirect job. The time will not show on the Mechanic Accountability report (RSA) and will be categorized as "lost time" on the Labor Recap report (RSL).