Paperless Shop Options

There are several parameters for Paperless Shop that control how the RTA system will handle certain situations. These parameters are often referred to as "switches" because they allow certain features to be turned on or off to meet specific needs. The following Paperless Shop switches should be reviewed and set up as needed before using Paperless Shop. Switches can be set up by going to the specified menu option and then selecting the appropriate line number. Some switches require a value to be entered while others will simply toggle from one value to another by repeatedly selecting that line number.
The first switch that needs to be set can be found in the Main System Parameters window. Select the Main System Parameters option (SSM).

  • Line 09: End of Month Posting Date

The RTA system will create only one work order transaction for a mechanic job in Paperless Shop. If it's a large job, the job may be open for days or even weeks. The work order transaction date is updated each time the mechanic clocks on and off that particular job. This could cause the labor to get accounted for twice if the job spans over two accounting periods. This switch works with the end of period (EOP) processing routine and Paperless Shop to create a new work order transaction for all incomplete repair jobs at month-end. When this switch is accessed, a window will pop up asking whether or not to "Set End of Month Posting date to YYYYMMDD" (the YYYYMMDD is replaced by the current system date); press ENTER or click the NO button to exit this window. Click the YES button to set the posting date to the current system date. Then when EOP is processed (SEV), new work order labor transactions will be created for all incomplete jobs. As mechanics clock on and off jobs, the labor hours and costs will start accumulating on the new labor transaction in the new period.

  • Line 15: Paperless Shop

This switch must be set to Yes in order to use Paperless Shop; once set, Paperless Shop transactions will be generated as work order lines are created. If this switch was previously set to Yes prior to using Paperless Shop, there may be hundreds of needless records in the data file. If desired, call RTA for assistance to clean up this transaction file before using Paperless Shop.
The next set of switches can be found in the Miscellaneous Flags window. Select the Misc Parameters I option (SSM)

  • Line 5: Accept Odometer in Paperless

Set this switch to Yes to prompt for the vehicle meter reading when a mechanic clocks off a job. The meter reading entered here will be used for the vehicle history. Set this switch to No to have the RTA system use the vehicle's current meter reading for the history file.

  • Line 10: Display Productivity Percent

Set this switch to Yes to have the mechanic productivity percentage display in the Paperless Shop windows. This percentage is updated as jobs are completed; it is calculated by comparing the accumulative estimated times it should take to complete jobs to the actual times spent completing the jobs. Set this switch to No if mechanic productivity is not being tracked or to prohibit the mechanic productivity rate from being displayed on the screen.

  • Line 24: Close Work Orders/Print Work Orders in Paperless

This is a two-part switch. The first part allows or disallows mechanics to close work orders when all jobs have been completed on work orders; set the switch as desired to "Allow" or "Disallow" this function. The second part of the switch controls whether or not mechanics will be prompted to print work orders when clocking off a job. Set the switch to Yes to give mechanics the option to print work orders upon completion; set to No to not print work orders in Paperless Shop.