Renumber VMRS Code

This utility program allows VMRS codes to be renumbered. The corresponding transactions in the vehicle history, work order, and Paperless Shop files (in ALL facilities) will also be updated with the new VMRS code.
There are a couple of methods of indicating which VMRS codes will be renumbered and to what they will be renumbered. One method is to create a text file named xvmrscod.dat. The file can include all the information for the VMRS codes that will be renumbered. The benefit of using this method is that you can look at the file and double-check your entries. The format of this text file must be as such:





Old VMRS Code






New VMRS Code


Basically, the file format is old VMRS code, space, new VMRS code. Regardless of whether you are using a three-, six-, or nine-digit VMRS coding system, you must use nine digits for the VMRS code in the text file. For example, if you wanted to renumber VMRS code 013-001 to 113-001 and 017-002-028 to 117-002-028, the xvmrscod.dat file should look like the following:
013001000 113001000
017002028 117002028
The other method is to execute the utility and simply enter the old and new VMRS codes when prompted (see step 5). A list is not provided for verification after you have keyed in the VMRS codes so it is important to check your data entry prior to accepting the entry.

Running the Utility

  1. Add new VMRS code records in the system if it has not already been done (MRM). Changes will not be made if there is no record is on file for the new VMRS code.
  2. Create the xvmrscod.dat text file containing the old and new VMRS codes. This step is optional.
  3. Select System > Custom Utilities > Miscellaneous > Renumber VMRS Codes from the RTA main menu (SCIR).
  4. Read the message displayed and then choose Yes to continue.
  5. If you did not create a xvmrscod.dat text file (step 2), you will be prompted to enter the VMRS codes. If you did create a xvmrscod.dat text file, go to step 7.
    1. Choose Yes to enter VMRS codes.
    2. Enter the old VMRS code, the new VMRS code, verify your entry, and then choose OK when you are ready to accept the entry. The number of digits you're prompted for depends on the setting for the "VMRS System Level" (SSM, switch 38). Keep in mind that the new VMRS code must already exist in the RTA system in order for the renumber to be successful,.
    3. Repeat the process as needed for additional VMRS codes you wish to renumber. When you are finished, choose Cancel.
  6. Select a radio button indicating if you want All records processed or only records for a specified range of Work orders or Vehicles. If you select Work orders or Vehicles, you'll be prompted to enter the starting and ending facility number AND the starting and ending work order or vehicle range to process.
  7. Select or deselect the checkboxes to indicate the transactions you wish to update with the new VMRS code. Your choices are vehicle history, work order line (job), work order transactions (postings), and Paperless Shop labor transactions. RTA recommends selecting all the checkboxes, which is the default.