Setting up a Kiosk for Driver Entry

It is a good idea to set up one or more kiosks specifically for drivers to input VDRs. There are several benefits for doing so. The kiosk can be placed in the drivers' room or in a booth out in the yard where the drivers can come to the terminal and enter their VDR. A special shortcut can be set up to call up the driver entry screen directly from the Windows desktop. If you have Paperless Shop you will be familiar with this concept where terminals are placed in the shop for mechanics to clock on and off jobs that have been assigned to them. Some of the benefits of setting up a dedicated kiosk include:

  • Creates a Routine: It helps to create a daily routine for the driver - return to the hub, input VDRs, and so on.
  • Saves Time: It eliminates drivers from having to look for a computer to use or temporarily borrowing someone else's computer.
  • Quick Access: By using a special shortcut, drivers can quickly access the driver entry screen without having to navigate through RTA menu options.
  • Security: The RTA system is secure since drivers can only access the driver entry screen - no other options are available or accessible to them.

Setting up the Driver Entry Shortcut

To set up the kiosk, you'll need a workstation that has access to the RTA system. You will also need to know the directory where your RTA files reside.
Locate the RTA Workstation installation CD, or you can run SETUP.EXE within the \CLIENT subfolder where the RTA Fleet Management Software is installed on your server.

Adding a "DRIVERS" User ID

When the Driver Reports shortcut is accessed, the driver will actually be logging into the RTA system. This process goes on "behind-the-scenes" so the driver isn't actually required to enter login information. However, in order to successfully log in, a special user ID named DRIVERS needs to be created in the RTA system.

  1. Select System > Setup Users > File Maintenance from the RTA main menu.
  2. Enter password level 3.
  3. At the User Name prompt, type DRIVERS and then choose Add.
  4. Choose No when prompted to use a template.
  5. Set the user password and privileges. Refer to "Adding a User" in Chapter 2 of the RTA User's Manual for instructions if needed.
  6. Save and exit.