Driver Reports Overview

Listed below are brief descriptions of the setup and procedures involved in using the Driver Reports module. Unless otherwise stated, detailed instructions will follow in later sections of this manual.
The Setup:

  • Add employee records for each driver (MMM). Refer to "Employees" in Chapter 2 of the RTA User's Manual for instructions if needed.
  • Define parameters (switches) for the Driver Reports module.
  • Set up a workstation or kiosk where VDRs can be entered or imported into the system (optional).
  • Customize the Component/Condition codes (optional). These codes are used to help describe and locate the problems reported.

The Procedure:

  • Input VDRs into the system (driver input or import from Zonar through DRI).
  • Review reported problems and create work orders.
  • Correct problem, update, and close work orders in the usual manner.