Paperless Hours Worked Report

Note: This report pulls from paperless transactions only the same as our accountability report (RSA or 3913) does in RTA and will not include any labor totals that were manually entered in the work order module itself. Also if you do not use paperless shop you will not pull any data into this report. 
This report pulls mechanic labor hours from the paperless labor transactions. It summarizes the labor hours by major VMRS code, vehicle number and the mechanic as well as a grand total for the date range entered. You will be prompted for a facility, mechanic, and date range. 
Prints the following: 

Report is sorted by: Mechanic number, vehicle, major VMRS, transaction number, and date started
Shows the following transaction detail:
Mechanic number
Paperless transaction number
Work order number
Work order line number
Start date/time
Ending date/time
Hours/minutes worked
Completion code
VMRS code
Job description
Direct labor code 
Subtotal by major VMRS and vehicle number for direct and indirect labor. 
Subtotal by mechanic for direct labor, indirect labor, and total hours worked. 
Grand total for direct labor, indirect labor, and total hours worked.