Worth Data LT-5000 Series Battery Replacement

The Lithium Battery in the Tricoder should be replaced when the Tricoder Battery Meter displays it’s down to 70% power or less.

Here’s a simple way to check both batteries in the Tricoder:

1) Power up the Tricoder.

2) Go into either Data Collection (one of the three Tricoder programs) or Non-Portable Mode.

3) Press the “Status” key on the Tricoder keyboard.

It will display a battery meter for both the AA Batteries and the Lithium Battery.

Whenever the AA or Lithium Battery falls below 70%, it is time to replace it.

They can be replaced without losing the stored programs.

Take the back off the Tricoder by removing the 4 screws on the back. Carefully remove the back off the Tricoder. You will see the lithium battery. Prior to removing the lithium battery, plug in the A/C Power Supply. This will keep the power supplied to the Tricoder, so it will not lose the programs stored in the memory, while the lithium battery is replaced.

Replace the Lithium Battery, unplug the A/C Power Supply; (If equipped with a built-in laser scanner, carefully seat the red lens, see that it is properly seated), reinstall the back on the Tricoder and reinstall the four screws.

If you have any questions, please call.