Change Odometer Utility

Primary meter updates are the foundation of RTA’s maintenance scheduling features. As assets increase in meter units, the PM schedule intervals run and RTA cost/expense reports are determined. From time to time, however, these primary meters can be incorrectly applied to a vehicle file, either from a fueling record or a work order record. Other times, a vehicle’s odometer/hubometer will fail, requiring a new physical unit to be replaced. Rather than compromising the vehicle’s history by generating a new vehicle with the new odometer, or wasting time personally recalculating a new PM schedule, the RTA Change Odom utility assists in correcting the vehicle and properly restoring the PM’s in play.

(**If an Odometer entry is incorrect based on a Fuel entry, the user will want to correct the posting by applying a negative posting through Quick Fuel Entry. For assistance, please contact RTA**)

To change/edit a current odometer, open the Vehicle Master File (MVM) and enter the vehicle number, click OK. From the Main vehicle screen, select Change Odom in the top-menu:

Select the Odometer Adjustment type:


  • Broken Meter

    • This option is used when a vehicle’s odometer unit is corrupted or broken and needs to be changed out of the vehicle. This can either be done with a new Odometer with 0 miles, or potentially with a used odometer from another vehicle. Either option will use the Broken Meter utility.

      • Broken Meter: The current meter reading, showing on the broken unit. This will usually stay without needing to be changed.

      • New Meter Reading: Either 0 for a new, never before used odometer being placed in the vehicle, OR enter the Odometer reading of the new unit being placed from a previous vehicle.

      • Unaccounted for meter units: The distance traveled between when the Odometer broke and the new one was placed. This amount can usually be adjusted as an approximation if the exact mileage is not known.

  • Correction

    • When a meter update was entered incorrectly (either a digit was added or if the user/driver input the wrong meter like ‘999999’), Correction will let the user enter the proper meter reading and adjust the Odometer and Life Meter accordingly. This process will also update the PM Schedule. In the example below, an extra 9 was accidentally added during the last odometer update:

  • Roll Over

    • For older vehicles that only allow odometer updated through 99,999.9 or 999,999.9, the Roll Over feature allows the Life Meter to continue counting up, which the Odometer reading will show a lower number. For example, a vehicle that’s gone 100,100 miles will read in the odometer as 100.

Meter Type

  • Organizationally, some fleets will desire to begin tracking their fleet by a separate meter, such as editing a vehicle from tracking mileage to tracking engine hours. This feature allows this update. This process may invalidate the Vehicle’s PM list.

For additional questions about the Change Odom utility, please feel free to reach out to RTA Support at